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Understanding Your Subscription

Hello friend,

We are so glad you decided to embark on this magical journey in The Council with us! We have a few things we want you to know so you can better understand your payment set up + subscription.

Our site is SSL secured and none of your credit or payment info is stored here. Your payment is handled through PayPal or Stripe, depending on which you choose, your payment is processed through them independent of us. All we have done is tell them the amount to charge you – this is the amount you originally paid – recurring every month, indefinitely, until you cancel your plan.

If at any time you need to update the card on file please just email us at and we will get that resolved for you!

General Cancelation of Subscription

No refunds will be given. If you choose to cancel your subscription, please be aware of where you are in your payment schedule. Your membership ends the day you cancel, so access will no longer be granted upon cancellation.

Cancelling your subscription will end your current rate availability and if you choose to re enroll at a later time, you will enroll at the current rate. You cannot return to your previous rate.


We reserve the right to cancel a membership at any time for any reason. We totally probably won’t but our lawyer likes us to say that.

Another thing our lawyer loves is when we remind you that by enrolling in The Council, you agree to the Terms of Use, Terms + Conditions, and recognize our Privacy Policy.

Thank you!

Getting in touch with us

If you need to request a billing change or membership cancellation, please submit a request at or email our support team at 


Your payment will renew on the same day each month until you cancel or otherwise discontinue your membership or payment is not processed for any reason.

If your payment does not process within three days of due date your membership will be cancelled. If you wish to renew membership after a cancellation due to failed payment you can do so within 24 hours, at the current rate + a $15 rejoining fee. All rejoin accounts will be processed with Stripe.

Upon failed payment you will be removed from the member areas.